Sis. Evelyn Knowles

Sis. Eveyln Knowles, co-host

As true Southern Belle, I’m a lady in the streets and I throw all the shade behind closed doors. Growing up Christian in the Bible Belt, if the church doors were open, I was in the house. From cheating in Bible Bowl Tournaments to eventually shutting down Sunday school with challenging questions, I’ve never been a stranger to controversy and speaking my mind.

Today, I’m even less conservative, a lot more outspoken and very open spiritually. Speaking of open, I’m also a gay and married, however, the wife and I are looking for a sane, Marsha Ambrosius-like side-chick. I’m currently living in Los Angeles by way of Chitown. Didn’t Marsha just move to LA?

Anyway, thank you for checking us out. This podcast is an opportunity for me to have fun discussing things that I’m passionate about: spirituality, Jesus, politics, throwing shade and relationships.

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