Sis. Pisces, co-host

PisciesWassup? I’m Sis. Pisces and I basically hold knowledge of all things ratchet. I am a feisty lil fish, with a sweet innocent appearance, HA! I’m a new Cali transplant from the south side of Chicago, so that should tell ya something. Newly single, I’m ready to go through ALL the fish in the pond to find my one true soul mate. I do believe in serendipity and all that hippy dippy spiritual stuff. Like my girl the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Coleman once said, “It works if you work it”, and I like that. If you wanna talk TV, holla at me. If you wanna talk 90s R&B music, holla at me. If you want to talk spiritual principles, the law of attraction, and gratitude in the face of adversity, holla at cha girl! I am also a connoisseur of all things Mariah Carey and if you talk crap, we will fight. Just a heads up. Last but not least, my mantra is “Imma throw shade if I can’t get paid. Blow you up to ya girl like an army grenade…” Basically don’t try me.

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