Quiz: Started from the bottom now we here?

California Wine and Cheese Tasting at the Vineyard

Started from the bottom now we’re here. However, along the way to the “top”, I may have gradually become a little fancy. Recently, I was accused of being full out bougie. Me? I’m a little country girl from the South that grew up po’. However, after giving this accusation some thought, I did find that it had some merit and decided to create a quiz.

How Bougie are you? Take my quiz and find out?

  1. +1 point You ate Kale before Beyoncé wore a kale sweatshirt in her 7/11 video. An extra +5 points if you are vegan or if the kale was blended in a smoothie.
  2. +1 point if flying coach for you is slumming it. +5 points if you refuse to fly Spirit Airlines, aka Soul Plane.
  3. +1 point if you haven’t had chicken wings in 6 months. If the last you had, you got them from a chicken shack in the hood, subtract -5 points.
  4. +1 point if you have been to another country other than Jamaica, and not including cruises. An extra +5 points if those trips were doing the high season.
  5. +1 point you have more than 5 bottles of wine in your house and none of them are of the following: Sutter Home, Carlo de Rossi, Franzia or any brand of Moscotto. +10 extra points if you picked up the wine from a vineyard.

How do you Level Up?  Sis. Piscies and Sis. Evelyn Knowles take the quiz in episode 3. 

Points Level Description
< 0 points Yvette, Baby Boy Forget Bougie, you are still living in the hood.
0 – 5 points ‘Stony’ Newsome, Set It Off You have experienced some upgrades in recent years, but still primarily lean towards hood.
5 – 15 points Khadijah James, Living Single You are sightly bougie or bougie adjacent. You have a lot of suspect friends and family, but you grew up in the hood and remember where you come from.
15+ Whitley Gilbert, A Different World You are all about luxury and are as bougie as it gets.